CHEM 21 to present at a major international workshop on energy, health and environment.

Representatives from CHEM 21 will presenting on Work Packages 1 and 5 at the International Workshop On Green Initiatives in Energy, Environment & Health, New Delhi, Dec 2nd and 3rd 2013.

Participants will be providing strategies for designing, adapting and incorporating new green strategies in industries as well as in academia, and looking at ways for effective international collaboration.

CHEM 21 at ECOCHEM Sustainable Chemistry Expo

CHEM 21 has joined forces with the Swiss Industrial Biocatalysis Consortium to deliver a session and workshop on “How green can the industry become with biotechnology?”

20th November at EcoChem, Basel

Stream 5 “How green can the industry become with biotechnology?”

This SIBC meeting on day 2 will focus on higher value products for the life sciences markets

Chairs: Hans-Peter Meyer Lonza AG CH & Andy Wells, CHEM21, UK

Wednesday November 20, 2013

08:00 Registration and Morning Refreshments

09:30 Morning Session I Chairman Hans-Peter Meyer, Lonza AG

09:30 Hans-Peter Meyer, Lonza AG Technology and market considerations of biotechnological solutions for chemistry

10.00 Manfred Kircher, CLIB 2021 Feedstock, processes, products – turning green value chains competitive

10.30 Bernard Hauer, University of Stuttgart & CHEM 21 Access to modified fatty acids as chemical intermediates for monomers or fragrances

11.00 Morning refreshments, exhibition and innovation zone visit

11:15 Morning session II Chairman Andy Wells, CHEM21 Manchester

11.15 Nick Turner, Manchester University and CHEM21 Redesigning synthetic chemistry routes using biocatalysis

11.45 Sven Panke, ETH Campus Basel Multistep biocatalysis

12:15 Roland Wohlgemuth, Sigma Aldrich Molecular economy and route selection synthesis

12:45 Stephan Lütz, Novartis Pharma AG Biocatalytic synthesis of chiral building blocks and drug metabolites – selected examples.

13.15 Networking luncheon and exhibition visit

14:15 Afternoon session Chairman Hans-Peter Meyer Lonza AG

14:15 Michel Schalk, Firmenich Biotechnology in the Flavor and Fragrance industry: towards a biosynthetic production of terpene molecules

14:45 Jorgen Hansen, Evolva Closing the functionality, sustainability & transparency gap with fermentation technology

15:15 Andy Wells, CHEM21, UK Expanding the biocatalysis tool box – both breadth and depth

15:45 Beat Wirz, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Purpose and achievements of the Swiss Industrial Biocatalysis Consortium

16: 15 End technical session

16:30 Workshop (Moderators: Hans-Peter Meyer CH, and Andy Wells UK)

At the roundtable: Bernhard Hauer, University of Stuttgart; Stephan Lütz, NOVARTIS; Sven Panke, ETH Basel; Luis Pasamontes, DSM; Nick Turner, University of Manchester; R. Wohlgemuth, Sigma Aldrich.

Topic: What are the grand challenges in chemistry? Where to set development priorities to facilitate the application of biotechnology in chemistry to improve the sustainability of the industrie(s)? Where are radical innovation steps still possible and where is it particularly needed and for what kind of products? Are we clear on which reactions and operations we should be able to perform and which are less important? Can we differentiate between myths and realities where is biotechnology really green and where not?

18:30 End of conference day 2