CHEM 21 contributes to the International Workshop on Green Initiatives in Energy, Environment & Health

CHEM 21 representatives from work packages 1 and 5 attended the International Workshop in Delhi Dec 2-3 2013. The gathering was a busy and vibrant meeting, with ~200 delegates from academia and industry, including  leaders representing green chemistry centres from the UK, Canada, USA, Brazil, Korea, Mexico and of course a very strong turn out from the local host country, India. The workshop was centred around a diverse range of presentations and posters on bio renewables and biofuels, novel catalysts, medicinal chemistry, greener processing and renewable energy. The meeting included presentations from Indian state ministers.

There was a great deal of interest in the CHEM 21 presentation and posters, with  CHEM 21 PhD student, Giulia, from York University, winning a poster prize for her research on bio-based  solvents for enzyme catalysed reactions. A key take home message from the workshop sessions was that there a lot of enthusiasm for closer links and cooperation between the existing green chemistry centres and that they should combine forces to share knowledge and best practice to maximise impact and to help embryonic and emerging green chemistry centres throughout the world. The key workshop outputs were that existing leaders of green chemistry centres were tasked with setting up a joint website as a vehicle to start the closer collaboration and knowledge sharing, and challenged to investigate mechanisms and funding streams to help foster closer collaboration and build on the momentum established at the Delhi workshop.

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