Education and Training

The vision of WP5 is to influence the next generation of medicinal and process chemists by promoting uptake of green and sustainable methodologies.  This will be achieved through the preparation and delivery of tailored education and training (E&T) material prepared by WP5 and the rest of the CHEM21 consortium.  A significant amount of education and training material is currently under development, including a CHEM21 metrics toolkit (paper in preparation), a CHEM21 classical solvent selection guide (published,Green Chem., 2014,16, 4546-4551) and one for bio-derivable solvents (in preparation), and an e-book on ‘Green and sustainable medicinal chemistry for the 21st century pharmaceutical industry’ (in press).

spider diagram of existing education and training resources

Current Vision for the Education and Training package

The vision for the CHEM21 Education and Training package is a integrated web-based eLearning platform  containing structured material for distance learning with resources in a variety of formats.

  • The eLearning platform will contain a blend of written material, recorded lectures/training videos, references/further reading plus exercises/quizzes to test knowledge.
  • Users will be able to make use of the foundation (introductory) level material to gain a basic appreciation of a topic and then select in depth material where appropriate.
  • Material will be presented in a user friendly format such as bite-sized modules which users can ‘pick and choose’ and simple, easy to use guides that could be adopted in every-day working.
  • Material will be set in a pharmaceutical context (for example via the use of case studies).
  • Cutting edge examples will be generated by the research originating from the CHEM21 consortium to exemplify the benefits of adopting sustainable chemistry in medicinal and process chemistry
  • Other examples will be obtained from current literature and other sources, particularly those in large scale production.

diagram showing components of education and training package